Daniel Genova

Danielgenova.com is a web site created to maintain an archival, comprehensive record of my work since I began a career as a professional artist 35 years ago. It exhibits a vast range of directions, styles and media. I have found drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics and sculpture all to be viable means of expression at different points in time.

The idea of “style” has been, and continues to be something people question me about. It has never been my ambition to make a "name - brand" product. I am more concerned with the search for meaning as I change and grow.

My work is varied but you will see connections between concentrated bodies of work as one series flows into another. This is how I challenge myself and discover new insights into the world in which we live. With poetic license and for ease of viewing I have framed my work into portfolios that are determined by subject matter and media rather than by being placed in chronological order. I am still in the process of adding more work, both old and new.

*All inquiries about my work should be made directly through this site. This may include questions, requests for a studio visit and/or gallery interest. Almost all of the work is for sale and the cost varies enough to accommodate most budgets with no lapse in quality. If you are interested in the purchase of a piece(s), all payments should be made through my "PayPal" account (eyegrease@earthlink.net). Upon receipt of payment, the work will be insured and shipped to you directly with no additional cost through a reputable;e source (UPS, USPS, FedEx). To avoid fraudulent scams, no check or money orders will be accepted.

Thank you for your interest, enjoy!

Daniel Genova, 2017

"If you want clean Ideas, change them as often as you change your shirt" - Francis Picabia